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Google SERP-Criterii de pozitionare in cautari

Google SERP-Criterii de pozitionare in cautari

  • Title Tag: Uniqueness should be the main criteria. The smaller the title tag the more importance placed on each keyword.
  • Anchor Text:Getting targeted links having relevant anchor text is supposed to hold very high weight with Google.
  • Back Links:Backlinks are links from other web sites that point to your web site. quality Backlinks can always boost a website.
  • Quality Content: Quality content and unique content tend to rank best. There are many benefits to having original content on a site from both a SEO perspective and a user perspective.Content attracts backlinks.
  • Age of the Website: The older the website, the more trust from Google
  • H1 tags are the most prominent heading tags that are recommended for placing the general topic or theme of the page in.
  • Keyphrase Based Indexing: This factor has the ability to entirely prevent certain types of manipulations of web pages.
  • Site SubjectThe overall subject and direction of a site holds value as to how well it will rank.
  • Regular Content Updates:How often do you update your content? I mean add new content, not remove or edit old content.
  • Backlink Location on a Webpage: The location of a backlinks also plays a role in how much value is passed to your website. A link on the home page will likely pass more value than a sub-page however a relevant, quality link position on a sub-page near relevant content is helpful. Link farms are not credited here.
  • Directory Submission: Submitting a web site to a number of relevant quality, fast approving directories
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